Top FAQ’s:

1. Do I need to sign up before placing the order?

     You can browse through our website buythevalue, add products to cart too but to place the order we strongly recommend you to login, become a customer and then place the order.

2. What if I forget the password?

     Don’t worry, we will send a mail to the registered mail id so you can create a new password.

3. How do I know my order status?

     We will mail, text message and call you as soon as your order is place and confirm your order. And we also update you at every stage of shipping and delivery. On the other hand, you can   even track the order online or via our app with the tracking number provided once the logistics starts.

4. Do you have digital products?

     No we don’t have digital products but have large variety of products in electronics, home appliance, gadgets, apparels, kitchen and groceries.

5. If I cancel my order will I get the refund?

     You cancel the order before the logistics started, once the product is shipped you have to receive the order and follow the ‘Return the product’ procedure. Yes, we would refund 100% money back to your card.

Return and Refund:

6. Are returns accepted at

     Yes, we do accept returns under certain circumstances.

7. How do I return the products?

     Carefully pack the product and request for a return pick up date in your orders from your account.

8. When can I return my products?

     If you are delivered a wrong products, damaged product, low quality, or if you find the date is expired, no warranty card, or missing any parts of the products especially electronics and bulbs.

9. Why is my return rejected?

     If the products you sent are used, no price tags, labels, in case of no serial number, products which are bought under promotional offers and sponsored adds and if the return is initiated after 2days of delivery, returns will be rejected.

10. What to do if my area doesn’t have a return pickup facility?

       You can courier it to our address and for further process email us with your order number and problem we will respond within 24 hours.

11. Can I track my return shipping?

       After initiating a return from your account, tracking number will be initiated. When a person comes to pick your return items, you can start tracking the return status of your products.

12. When can I expect a refund?

       Once we get the returned product meeting all the conditions of return policy, we will start the refund. The amount will be credited to you within 48 hours. You will be intimated via an e-mail.

13. How long will it take for a refund?

       Generally 2 business working days after Return Products are received.

14. How much should I Pay for return and refund?

       It’s is free, you don’t have to pay anything if our courier person comes to you. In case if you have to send the products, you pay for the private courier and we will refund the amount up to 300 rupees.

15. Can I return the product without even seeing it?

       Returns will be accepted from the delivery person who comes to you. Hence, you need to first get the order and then only request for the return. Not receiving the products is clearly offensive and illegal.


16. Can I cancel my order?

       Yes, you can cancel the order before your order is dispatched.

17. How can I cancel my order?

       Go to your account-orders-cancel order-choose the products which should be cancelled and follow the steps.

18. Can I modify my order after placing the order?

       You can change the address and phone number after placing the order, however you cannot change the quantities. We recommend you to place a new order.

19. On what conditions I can cancel my order?

       If the colour, size, style, wrong product, quantity or if you are sure nobody would be there to collect your order at the time of delivery.

20. Can I postpone the date rather than cancelling?

       Yes, we usually deliver the items within 7-10 business days. If you are unavailable at the time of delivery, you can inform the same to the delivery person to come on the next day. But please note this order will not be cancelled and if you fail to collect the product we will not refund your amount and you are bound to pay the money if it’s a COD.


21. When will the shipping start after I place my order?

       Generally 2-3 business working days.

22. Dispatched items will reach the buyer in how many days?

       It takes 4-6 days to reach the buyer after the products are dispatched. But some products will reach within 2-3 days.

23. Can I track my order after shipping?

       You get a tracking number via email. Login to the page or click on the click and give the tracking number to know the live status of your order.

24. Do you have shipping charge?

      All the products which are displayed are including with shipping charge however if you buy for certain amount the shipping charges are free. Please read the description of the product and the shipping charges before placing the order.

25. I got notification as ‘product out for delivery’ but not delivered within 2 days. What to do?

      Usually the products which are out for delivery should reach you within 2 days. In case you didn’t get it, track and call the courier service provider or us, we will help you.

26. What if my product is not delivered on the expected delivery date?

       You could wait for 48hours and then call us or track the order and call the courier company. There could be a delay in delivery if the location cannot be tracked, not in range, unavailability of the product at the merchant, etc.

27. Can I expect all the products placed in a single order receive me at the same time?

       This depends on the merchant and your location. Same products but different quantities can reach you at the same time in a single order but not two different products. Though it reached you twice or thrice the courier charge will be same and as mentioned earlier.

28. What is RTO and do you do this?

      RTO means “Return to Origin”. We return the order to the merchant in following conditions:

       (i)If there is no one to receive your order

       (ii)If our delivery person couldn’t connect to you on phone

       (iii)If the delivery person cannot track your address

29. Can I expect a refund if the product goes RTO?

       If it’s cash on delivery you don’t have to pay and if it’s already paid we will initiate a refund.


30. What is the mode of payment?

       You can pay using your Paypal account as we have Paypal as payment gateways. We are also working on Net Banking facility which goes live soon.

31. Do you have COD?

       For now we don’t have COD option because of technical issues but soon we will have COD option for selected products on the site.

32. Do you have EMI facility?

       No, we don’t have EMI Facility on any of our products now.

33. Oder unsuccessful but amount deducted what to do?

       Please stay at rest. Don’t replace the order of the same product again. There could be a technical problem, you can shortly get an order confirmation mail. If you don’t get the mail, contact us or your bank for confirmation or refund. A ‘screen -shot’ of your ‘error message’ can save a lot of messy conversation during this time.

34. Do you ask personal details, OTP or passwords on calls or messages?

       No, we never ask but if anybody calls you on behalf of buythevalue and asks your information, please note it’s a fraud call and don’t share your details.

35. Will you save my card details to make my future transactions easy?

       Nope, we don’t save your card details, you have to enter your card details or sign in to PayPal account and pay for your order.