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Why heat water on stove top when the gas is so costly? Get running hot water with high storage water heater at buythevalue. Choose from the minimum storage capacity of 6 liters to 35 liters storage capacities. You can heat the water and storage it for further use with high storage capacity. Switch on the geyser only for sometime and the entire family can use it. This saves electricity and you don’t have to worry about the power consumption too.

Are you worried about the pollution in the cosmopolitan life? Air purifiers will be your best friend. They purify pollutants in the air and gives fresh air all the time. Just turn it on and see a magic. We at buythevalue have a wide range of air purifiers due to high demand. Choose from the most famous brands like Racold, AO Smith and Activa which are most sort after brands in geysers section.

Gone are the days you need a person to iron your clothes. You can iron clothes in jif and look  neat in formals or casuals. Finish your laundry right after your washing by ironing by yourself. Buy an iron box in Philips which is the number one brand and most wanted brand. There are many features like steam iron and dry iron, checkout buythevalue home appliance page and explore more for irons.

With water purifiers in home appliances section purify your water at home with Reverse Osmosis technology. This removes any hard and large particles from drinking water. Did you know there are chemicals in drinking water too? They do add chlorine to drinking  but it’s not good for human bodies. Water purifiers makes your water a chlorine free. HUL Puriet and Dhanvi Aquafresh are the most trending brand in Water purifiers, get them right today. We have the traditional water purifiers to most advanced water purifiers at buythevalue.

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Have power cuts or frequents power fluctuations and looking for inverters for power backup? Check out buythevalue home appliances for the most trusted inverters. Luminous Zelio offers and an intuitive and easy to use interface manages power cuts better. Now enjoy hassle free battery maintenance with new Electrolyte Level Indicator feature.