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Beat the heat with the coolest offers on Air Conditioners with buythevalue.

What to Consider :

Indian summers are very hot, humid and dry at places.  Be it anything we have the best technology which keeps you cool. We have the best air conditioners depending on your needs at reasonable prices. And we guarantee the 'durability'.

 We have the best selling brands like LG, BPL, Hyundai, Samsung, Hitachi, etc., which are portable in size and has copper wiring. Gone are the days, no more worries about the electricity bills when the AC is turned on. The copper wiring helps to retain the heat for a very long period. This technology helps to keep the room cool with less power consumption and best for pollution cities.

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Types of Air Conditioners:

There are 2 types of air conditioners, one is split and other is the classic window. Split AC is the best for those who want high cooling all round the corners of the room. Window AC is best when there is a window in room to fix. Window AC requires very less time to install. Because of the high demand on Split AC, buythevalue brought you a wide range of Split models keeping the Window models to the minimum, but not zero. But both window and spilt meet your need and standards and are best to use. 

Inverter AC:

Don't worry about the power fluctuations. Inverter AC is something you need look for if you have frequent power cuts.  This helps you and your family get the uninterrupted sleep during nights. Despite copper coil, the energy saving mode in many models like LG and Hitachi, saves electricity. Enabling energy saving will maintain the temperature by stopping the compressor when not needed. Additionally, if you are worried about children at home, simply choose 'lock mode' on your AC remote and enjoy with your little ones. This way, you can save a lot of time later in resetting it later. 

Buy AC at buythevalue:

What are you waiting for? Surf on our offers, explore our page about Home Appliance and get the best AC which fits your needs. We deliver it to you in less than the days you expect.

Laundry made easy with

We know how important it is to be neat and clean. And we are even aware of working people who don't have to do laundry on daily bases. Choose a washing machine from to make your washing chores easier at home.

Types of Washing Machines:

1. Semi Automatic

2. Fully Automatic

Semi Automatic:

You have two sections to wash finish washing your clothes here. First wash it and then put them in the dryer or directly dry the clothes after washing. This requires some of your time in between the wash cycle. But this is very easy to operate and requires very less time to install and program. Check out bythevalue for Semi Automatic Washing Machines in Home Appliances section.

Fully Automatic:

These are best for the people staying in small apartments or have less place of storage.  Make your daily laundry even more easy in just a few click. All that you need to do is, drop the clothes in, power the washing powder in the proper place and choose the washing cycle and click start. If you feel this is a time taking process and hard to understand, just click power and start. It automatically adjusts the washing cycles, water and rinse cycles.

With fully automatic washing machine, save water, power and efforts of washing. Program it and forget it till it gives a buzzer. You can complete your washing and cooking at same time.

For more details like how to wash and what not to do with washing machines, please refer to the manual given with the washing machine.


Be it small, single door, double door, triple door or side by side refrigerators get it at buythevalue.

Beat the heat this summer with a new refrigerator. Store ice creams, drinks, flours, fruits, vegetables and many more and improve the shelf life of the products. Thanks to the latest technology which don’t make your worry about the power fluctuations. Samsung refrigerators come with the inbuilt stabilizers which automatically shuts down power consumption during high voltage.

There are many brands like Haier, Whirlpool, Godrej which are trending on buythevalue. Buy a refrigerator and explore all the feature in you budget today.