Avarampoo Podi-50gms
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Avarampoo Podi-50gms

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Avarampoo Aavartaki  Aavaram Senna Flower (Ranawara - Yellow Flower) Podi 50gms

Herbs formed an important part of medicinal treatment and cure in the ancient civilization. Their use, which evolved in the Vedic times, continues into the modern era. Some of these herbs and flowers are found in abundance in some parts of the country especially in the villages of Tamil Nadu.

India has always been a tropical country where temperatures touch the sky in summer months. Hence, herbs that cooled the body were highly coveted and sought after in the historic ages. One such flower is Avarampoo, found growing around riverbeds. Its scientific name is Senna Auriculata and in English, it is known as Tanner’s cassia. It has yellow flowers, which are used in various preparations and remain in bloom throughout the year.

Botanical Name: Cassia Auriculata 

Common Name: Senna Auriculata, Tenner`s Cassia

Sanskrit: Aavartaki 

Hindi: Tarwar 

Tamil: Avaram poo 

Malayalam: Avaram 

Kannada: Avarike, Tangedi

Telugu: Tagedu

Marathi: Tarod, Tarwad

Gujarati: Aawal, Awala


Health Benefits:

1. It is useful in regulating menstrual cycle.

 2. It is a good medicine for skin related problem. Regular bath taken with Aavaram Poo powder removes body odour. It also keeps the skin glowing.

 3. Regular intake of Aavaram Poo powder with honey controls Diabetes

 4. It is a good laxative.

 5. It is used to treat conjunctive eyes

 6. It is used in the treatment of kidney malfunction and also prevents dialysis treatments.

 7. Urine disorder is also treated with Aavaram Poo podi. Its Decoction is substituted for tea.

 8. It is a natural Source of anti oxidants.