Banana Nenthiram 1 Kg -
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Banana Nenthiram 1 Kg

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Nenthiram or Kerala Banana is the king of bananas. Nendran pazham, as it is widely known, is a staple fruit of Kerala.It has immense nutritional value and comes with a rich combination of energy, tissue building elements, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Nenthiram is a good source of calories, many other nutrients and enzymes. People of Kerala use this banana as a balanced and supplementary diet. It is easy on digestion - it prevents diarrhoea, tummy ulcers, and deworms. Its potassium content helps prevent the formation of kidney stones and protects against high blood pressure and stroke. Boiled and mashed nenthiram banana is excellent for kids even from 4 months onwards. It helps babies weight gain and also gives required nutrients.