Bronson Professional Lip Filler Brush
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Bronson Professional Lip Filler Brush

by Bronson Professional

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Bronson Professional's Lip Filler Brush is perfect for mess-free application, allowing precision application and depositing lip color while creating definition. Longer brush handle allows clean lines or strokes of lip color with expert control support.Tapered-bristle brush allows for controlled application along the lip line. This lip brush can be used with any lipstick, lip cream or lip gloss!


•Lip filler brush with tapered bristles for a controlled application along the lip line
•It allows for a precision and controlled lip colour application and for defining your lips
•Features an ergonomic handle, great for control and smooth for applying makeup


•Lip brushes are designed to apply lip cosmetics with precision and to prevent them from smudging.
•To show off your attractive lips with different lip colours.
•A long handle provides optimum control, and a curved, tapered bristle provides better precision.


A lip brush may be dipped right into a lip pot or tube of lipstick or you can even squeeze out a bit of it on a makeup tray and apply it with a lip brush. Do not share your lip brushes with anyone else and keep two separate lip brushes for lighter and darker colours to prevent unwanted mixing.For a lipstick or a lip gloss application, start from the center of your lips and blend product out towards your lip line. To get a crisp finish, use the tip of the brush to define the lip lines at the bows and corners.