Bronson Professional Mini Makeup Brushes - Set of 12
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Bronson Professional Mini Makeup Brushes - Set of 12

by Bronson Professional

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Bronson Professional Mini Make up Brush Set of 12 is perfect for achieving flawless makeup looks. Each brush head adopts special process, the bristle is soft as velvet, creating a smooth uniform makeup effect. This makeup brush set is perfect for both beginners and professional makeup artists. Whether it is enhancing the beauty of your lips, adding that dash of colour to bring out your eyes or beautifying you cheeks - this is the complete package, and keeps you ready for every occasion. Made using the highest quality bristles and material, these brushes are perfect to achieve the desired look.


•12-piece makeup brush set
•Premium synthetic hair and comfortable for use
•Includes all essential makeup brushes
•High quality brushes ensure even, streak-free makeup application
•Perfect for beginners and professionals


•1 x 12pcs Makeup Brushes Set
•1 x Carry Case


•Cheek brush
•Highlight brush
•Bottom powder brush
•Inclined powder brush
•Eyebrow brush
•Nose powder brush
•Eyeshadow brush
•Concealer brush
•Inclined eye shadow brush
•Eyeliner brush
•Small eyeliner brush
•Eyebrow brush


Want the cheap and easy DIY route to cleaning your makeup brushes? All you’ll need is some baby shampoo, water, and a light colored towel. Ready? Here’s a step by step
guide to getting pristine makeup brushes.


•Step one: Pour a tablespoon of baby shampoo into a small bowl of lukewarm water. There’s no exact science here, so don’t worry about getting a perfect blend. The only important thing is to keep the shampoo at a minimum. If you get a little too squeeze-happy, you’ll end up with a sticky residue.

•Step two: You’ll be working one brush at a time so grab your first one. If it’s visible dirty, hold it under running water to get some of the product off. Once it’s relatively gunk-free, dip it into the water.

•Step three: Holding your brush under water, slowly swirl it over the bottom of the bowl. Make gentle circles against the bowl for about ten seconds. Be careful not to get the entire brush wet. If you get water at the base of the bristles it can loosen up the glue and lead to a mess. You only use the tip so just clean the tip.

•Step four:Once you’ve swirled the brush around the bowl for a while, hold it under cold water for a few seconds. The water pressure will rinse away any remaining product.

•Step five:Use your fingers to gently mold the brush back into its original shape.

•Step six:Once it is washed and rinsed, lay the brush down on a clean, flat towel. It’s important to leave them lying flat. If you let the water collect around the handle you can mess up the glue and cause rust. A flat bed is the simplest option but you can speed up your drying time a bit by taking it to the next level.