Kandankathiri Podi 50gm AAH
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Kandankathiri Podi 50gm AAH

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Kandankathiri is called yellow fruit-Night Shade English and its botanical name is Solanum xanthocarpum (former name) and the new name is Solanum Surattense | Solanum virginianum. It is called Kantakari in Sanskrit. The whole plant is covered with thorns and the fruit small version of our egg plant with thorns but looks like. Each part of kandankathiri is used as medicine and as this plant is readily available, you should try to make good use of it. Kandankathiri are mainly used for the treatment of all respiratory diseases such as cough, phlegm and cold related fevers. Numerous studies have been conducted on this plant and these are some of the significant scientific studies of plant kandankathiri I got after research: antioxidant activity

1. Kandankathiri: What excites me most about the plant kandankathiri is the antioxidant activity. Since synthetic antioxidants have undesirable side effects, antioxidants from natural sources are highly regarded and kandankathiri plant has been proven through research that very effectively reduces free radicals. The significance of the study was to extract kandankathiri proved to be better than standard antioxidants such as ascorbic acid. It would be a great loss if we do not use such a powerful natural antioxidant. The study was conducted in the leaf extract of the plant, but both leaf and fruit extract can be used.

2. Kandankathiri antibacterial activity: Another very important benefit of kandankathiri is its antibacterial activity. I was surprised to find that the leaf extract of the plant was highly effective against all bacteria except Shigella dysenteriae. What is really important is that it is highly effective for most bacterial infections that commonly afflict us.

3. Kandankathiri for liver protection: Another important study showed that the kandankathiri leaves is very effective in preventing liver damage due to toxicity. This study was conducted in rabbits by inducing liver damage and then treated with kandankathiri extract they showed that 500 mg of extract per body weight per day resulted in no liver damage at all.

4. For plant Kandankathiri gum disease: An interesting study was conducted in the seeds of the plant for the treatment of gum disease. Fresh seeds were dried and stored in a tight box shadow. An iron plate and heated it a few drops of oil and 1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds are added, the vapors leaving target the patient’s mouth through a long tube (we call Oothu Kulal in Tamil and it is used for blowing air to keep the fire). This process was repeated 4 times in total. This treatment gave surprising results to almost 75% of patients and 25% in patients who had to operate.