Portronics  POR 1139 My Buddy Hexa lll black
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Portronics POR 1139 My Buddy Hexa lll black

by Portronics

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Portable Laptop Stand & Mobile Stand,MyBuddy Hexa III to its best-selling Mybuddy range of laptop stands that deliver most ergonomically styled strong and lightweight laptop stands which have become an industry standard over last 5 years. MyBuddy Hexa has 7 adjustable levels so you can set it as per your convenience. Being fan-less, it?s completely noiseless as it uses natural ventilation of your laptop. One of the best ventilations is the natural air ventilation that works with the laptop?s in-built fan to cool the laptop. Not only It improves the life of your laptop battery and internal components like CPU and motherboard also. Longer battery life is also caused by less battery charging cycles required. By improving your working posture on desk and reducing strain on your neck by having right screen viewing angle, you can work longer and without any neck or back pain. Also your fingers and wrists too get optimum 7 adjustable angles when typing on the keyboard which also reduces the fatigue. These design considerations greatly improve your productivity levels. You have to use it to know the difference. Once you start using it working without Mybuddy Hexa will be unacceptable to you. lightweight and strong ABS plastic body construction and its portability. It can easily carry any laptop from 13? to 15? including Macbooks and tablets. It has anti slip rubber pads to hold the laptop firm and even rubberized feet to ensure that it does not skid from even on the glass table.