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Sreeram Kitchen Extra Large Multi Rice Cooker get best offers deals free and coupons online at buythevalue.in
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Sreeram Kitchen Extra Large Multi Rice Cooker

by Sree ram kitchen

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Sreeram Multi Rice cooker is an innovative and high energy efficient product which will save 70% of fuel and time. Variety of rice items such as plain rice, dum biryani, pongal, pulav, tomato rice, coriander rice etc can be prepared using Biryani maker. Dum biryani, which has complex preparation process can be made in just 30 minutes using Sreeram Biryani Maker. The product has 360 degree insulation which retains and rotates the heat throughout the product giving it the dum effect. This product can retain its heat upto 12 hours. So you can prepare the dish well ahead of time for yourself or your guests. This product has an elegant design which adds beauty to your table.